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Professional Video Production & Online Marketing Services

Our FAQs answer some of the more common questions about our property filming services. If you have any further questions, please call us on 0800 690 6887.


How much does a video cost?

This a really difficult question to answer. Just as each house valuation is different, it's the same with bespoke video because it depends upon the   time and equipment involved. Our fixed rate video packages include filming, editing, your graphics and music. Additional services such as voice over, twilight filming, additional scenes, graphics etc., can be added for an extra cost.


What equipment do you use?

All videos are filmed in HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 4k resolution using broadcast quality cameras and stabilizing equipment.


How long does it take to film a video?

On-site video shoots usually take between 2 and 8 hours although some larger properties can take longer. You do not have to be present the entire time, but please ensure that the property is in good showing condition. If your client is to speak the narration, or you are presenting an intro/closing piece, please allow an additional 60 - 90 minutes.


When is the best time to film a video?

The best time to film a property is either just after sunrise, or just before sunset (twilight). Mornings and afternoons work well too. Please tell us the optimum time of day when the sun is in the best position for an exterior aspect, or feature room, and we'll do our best to film at that time.


When do I receive a final video?

Following the video shoot, the footage is professionally edited. For the basic property video tours, the approval video is generally available for sign off within 48 hours, although you can upgrade to 24 hour turnaround. Once you have signed off your video, the finished master will be available within 24 hours. Changes can be made free of charge during the approval process. Any change you wish to make after sign off, no matter how large or small, requires re-compression of the final video and this time will be charged, unless the correction is an error on our part.


The turnaround for lifestyle and other video productions varies depending upon the amount of work required.


What is the length of the final video?

Our fixed rate property videos are usually around 2-3 minutes. The running time for larger properties, add-ons and bespoke productions can vary.


Can I choose the background music?

You can supply your own background music, commission a piece of music, or choose from a selection of royalty free music.


I do not know much about the technical side of video, can you help me?

We work with you throughout the entire process. Some common things we can help clients with include:

1) “Uploading" the video” for you to YouTube and other websites

2) Supplying an 'embed' code for property portals

3) Helping you email the video to clients/brokers

4) Helping you to set up a YouTube channel


Is the video branded?

Some estate agents prefer “unbranded” videos, which means that the videos does not contain any of the agents’ contact information. We can provide an unbranded, or branded version.

Property Video FAQs

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